How To Help Yourself with Gambling Addiction

blog post - How to Know if Youre a Gambling Addict Signs and Symptoms

If you're unsure whether you're starting to have some gambling addiction problems, here are some signs to consider.

Addiction is a hidden condition, and most of the time, it doesn't display physical symptoms and signs, regardless if it's drug, alcohol, or gambling. As for betting, it's always better with moderation, yet some can't control it, especially when it's easy to play online casino games.

Some Symptoms and Signs about Gambling Addiction

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One is when you're having a hard time controlling your gambling. You know you're not in the mood, or you're trying to control it, yet you still end up spending a lot of time gaming, then you're having the slight effect of addiction. It's not easy to walk away, especially when you're losing because you'll always have the urge to win back what you lost in the game.

Another symptom is when you feel like you need to keep gambling a secret. There's nothing wrong with gambling, and most people would understand why people play. However, when you're beginning to be secretive with gambling, you know it's excessive already.

The worst sign of gambling addiction that's easier to spot is when you gamble even when you don't have anything to bet. If you find yourself using your savings, emergency funds, or borrowing money from others to gamble or to play at casino, you're heading towards addiction.

Gambling Dilemmas: Few Tips on How to Help Yourself

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Anyone who gambles can get addicted to it, without proper control. However, it doesn't mean it's uncontrollable. You have to help yourself if you feel like you have these symptoms, and here are tips to consider.

  • Boost your support network. You can reach out to your family or friends regarding your problem, and there's nothing wrong with it. If your battle is too tight, you'll need a team, and the closest people to you are effective in helping you fight addiction. You can also seek support from your colleagues at work to strengthen your network.
  • Consider joining a support group. If you're too shy to seek help from people you know, you can consider joining support groups, where you get to vent out to strangers. You'll find an experienced gambler who also fought the same battle, and it will let you understand why you experience it, and how you can fix it.
  • Consider treating mood disorders. Mood disorders like stress, anxiety, substance abuse, or depression are side-effects of the addiction. Even when you were able to cope up with your gambling problem, you may experience these.
  • Gambling provides a lot of advantages to people, yet anything excessive is not always right and healthy. If you feel like you're starting to have an addiction to gambling, it will help you determine whether you're going to that path. On the bright side, you can consider the tips to help you cope up with your addition.

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