European roulette

The wheel, table, and colored pockets on a European roulette wheel represent the game. These numbers range from one to 36 and are in red or black colors. You can play European roulette on your personal computer, mobile phone, or in a casino. The European version of the game is more popular among casino goers and carries a greater chance of winning than the American version. You can even win without ever visiting a casino. If you want to try your luck at playing this game, here are some helpful tips.

In European roulette, you have 5 different bets that can give you varying payouts and chances of winning. There are some rules that you should know and keep in mind when choosing the bets. The Outside Bets are recommended for inexperienced players, as they carry less risk, but the payouts are smaller. For experienced players, the Inside Bets are recommended. The Straight-Up Bet pays 35 to 1 for a single number and is the most common bet.

You can make the inside and outside bets to get the desired results. The outside bets are the most popular. You can place a bet on the numbers you believe will be the winning number. You can even place a bet on the numbers that aren’t visible. You can also bet on other types of bets. However, you should know the payouts before placing your bets. The odds and payouts of the different bets are also important when choosing the bets.

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