Six shooter

Playing Six Shooter is a fun and engaging casino game with dice. You’ll have three chances to match the dealer’s dice. To win the game, you must match all six of his dice in one game round. To win, you must hit a three-dice combination in the first round. If you manage to do so, you can win a payout of twelve to one. This payout is not guaranteed, but if you hit all three, you’ll win.

The Six Shooter casino game has similar rules to Sharp Shooter. The croupier throws six dice. Each player gets three throws, but the dealer may choose to throw all six dice. The objective of the game is to match the house number with the croupier’s dice to win. The player must select a chip from the line below the table, wait for the dealer to roll the dice, and then unleash.

Although Six Shooter does not feature many bonus features, the gameplay is great. Players are awarded three tries to win the prize, and winning on the first try will award a twelve-to-one stake. If you win on the second and third attempts, you’ll receive an 8-to-five stake. If you’re lucky enough to roll three fewer times, you’ll get a one-to-one payout!

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